Richard Dalian

Apr 1, 2024

Stable Supply and Demand Dynamics for Red Soybeans in Dalian

Stable Supply and Demand Dynamics for Red Soybeans in Dalian

Sufficient Supply in Producing Areas

In Dalian, the producing areas of red soybeans report relatively sufficient supply levels. Farmers in the main producing regions indicate an average residual grain of about 23%. Despite this, there is notable enthusiasm among farmers for selling their grain, albeit with a psychology of accepting lower prices.

Market Stockpile Dynamics

The market currently faces temporary scarcity in stockpiles, with inventory digestion being the primary focus. Year-on-year, inventories show a decrease, indicating a trend towards reduced stock levels.

Export Demand and Market Sales

Export demand for red small beans has experienced a reduction, leading to slow market sales. Farmers in the production areas are not aggressively stocking up on grains due to market conditions.

Price Expectations

In the short term, the price of red beans is anticipated to remain stable, reflecting the current balance in supply and demand dynamics.

Current Market Price in China for adzuki beans

Product Name Chinese adzuki beans
Size5.0mm up
Moisture14.5% max
Package25kg paper bag
Conventional FOB DalianUSDΒ 1630-1660/mt - EURO 1511-1539/mt
Organic FOB DalianUSD 1700-1730/mt - EURO 1576-1604/mt
Delivery25Β days after signed contract
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