Anala Rajkot

Apr 1, 2024

Celery Market Trends: Price Fluctuations and Crop Yields

Celery Market Trends: Price Fluctuations and Crop Yields

Recent Developments in Celery Production

The arrival of the new celery crop in markets has been accompanied by concerns over quality and quantity, attributed to unfavourable weather conditions. This situation has prompted a price increase of $0,12-$0,18 over the past three days, with projections indicating a potential further rise of $0,18-$0,24 per kg. Despite the challenges, the celery business remains a viable venture, with no significant risks reported.

Factors Influencing Price Increases

High celery prices throughout the season encouraged increased sowing by farmers. However, adverse weather in the past month has led to a yield reduction of 27-28%. This decrease in supply has caused prices to rise by $0,12-$0,18 per kg recently. Comparatively, market arrivals of new produce are significantly lower than last year, with notable shortages in supply lines from Javra, Nandurbar, Vikarabad, and Chhindwara, where prices range from $2.16-$2.52 per kg.

Current Prices and Future Predictions

The scarcity of celery has led to varied prices across different regions. In places like Jamnagar, Nandurbar, Javra, and Vikarabad, new celery is priced at $1,68-$1,80 per kg. Meanwhile, quality produce fetches $2,02-$2,10 in the markets. Old stock prices have dipped across all markets, with Rajasthan offering old quality celery at $2,16-$2,22 per kg. Reports suggest a weakened celery crop in Javra and Vikarabad, not increasing the pressure on agricultural goods and resulting in decreased productivity per hectare. Prices in the Delhi market are expected to reach $2,64-$2,70 for top-quality goods.

Traders advise selling goods promptly, noting that despite the lower prices for washed goods every season, market demand does not surge, and the consumption of both local and imported celery meets market needs. Although celery consumption is expected to remain steady, sales in markets across Haryana, Punjab, Himachal, UP, and Delhi appear somewhat sluggish. Spot trading offers the promise of significant profits within days, reflecting a cautiously optimistic outlook for the celery market.
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